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 Celtic Eclipse

Two Celtic supporters
Almost eclipsed the eclipsed for me.
A chance encounter -
Almost as rare as the eclipse itself.
We’d ignored the anti-hype
And driven down to Cornwall.
These boys the same,
All the way in a hired car from Glasgow.
As if written in the stars,
As they, me and Stu sat in their car
Getting stoned the night before,
We just seemed to be the same in every sense.
Same taste in music,
Same love of football,
Both liked a smoke –
Simple things, that kept adding up.
And as these things may seem like a fix to me,
Especially as I get stoned,
The counter argument is just –
This is real, this is just amazing.
And as the sun’s light faded next day
At, as I remember, eleven minutes past eleven,
And I spent half the time trying to roll
A cigarette in the half-light...
But still, it was a sight and a half,
As we sat on the cliff’s edge,
On Will’s birthday, August 11th,
Seven years to the day God first spoke to me.