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Crowd Scouts        

Because he always knew
They existed and watched him
Walk in, confident, in big blue
Denim coat, and sometimes
          Ellesse cap
Watched the way he took
His place amongst the ranks,
Always made sure he looked
The part, always in the Bob Bank,
          At the back
Because he knew they saw his thrill
For the occasion, how he was ready
Every time to celebrate a goal, his skill
At keeping hot coffee steady
          With a fag
But what he guessed at most
Was they’d seen him kicking bottle tops
And Tesco bags, skim them past posts,
Loving each game, cheering "don’t stop",
He’d always sensed what these scouts
Wanted was not some fresh faced
Schoolboy who yes, could score loads,
But a passionate 34 year old to out-pace
          The Jacks
When necessary. So though he feigned
Complete surprise to receive a letter
To say, "Mr Fisk, you’re signed",
He knew the team would now be better
          With Nicky Fisk filling the gap.