It's been a little while since I updated this page, so to keep things appearing, as Kool and the Gang might say, fresh (exciting and inviting), perhaps an update is required.

Those hoping for new poetry by me may be somewhat disappointed to here that I've been a little inactive on this front of late. I am gradually putting together enough poems for a new book, but progress is a little slow. I will however be relaunching my "selected poems" - Daimunz R 4E4 - shortly. It's basically the same, but with a spine and a posher looking cover. The launch will most likely take place on 04/04/09, most likely at Dirty Sue's Cafe in Cardiff, but I cannot completely confirm this yet. 

Instead of sticking to promoting my own stuff though, I have been taking a bit of a "back seat" as they say, and allowing others to come to the for, in the form of Mr. J. Brookes, whose book I published last year, with the kind assistance of the Welsh Books Council. And a very fine book it is. Read more about it here, read more about the author here, and buy the book here.

As well as that, you may recall that the last news update mentioned the possibility of me starting a new poetry magazine called Square. Well, that has indeed now happened. It has become a quarterly magazine, and in fact we're already up to Issue 3, so it goes to show how long ago this little section was updated. The internet these days, eh? Everyone expects BBC News-style "every 30 seconds" type updates don't they? If your "facebook" profile hasn't changed from "is breathing in" to "is breathing out" within a few seconds, everyone starts panicking that you have in fact died! Anyway, further details about the magazine can be found at and the magazine can be bought from this very site.

I'm not going to tempt fate further and tell you what else will be happening and forthcoming from me and pure poetry this year, but you never know, there may possibly be more books, and possibly more events...

And finally, hilariously, a tree got stuck up a cat today, but this was no ordinary tree...





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