David Foster Morgan

David Foster-Morgan lives and works in Cardiff.  He started writing poetry in late youth - or early middle age - and continued despite the onset of late-late youth – or real middle age.  He has survived such set backs as having his Square Fact rejected to have his poems published in a range of magazines, including: Poetry Wales, Envoi, Smiths Knoll, and The Interpreter’s House – not to mention the first edition of the eponymous Square.  He is also featured on the poetcasting website.

His work aims to combine the everyday with the metaphysical – and normally misfires combining yesterday with a glass of Metaxa; or teaching PE to kids from Cardiff Bay.  He was a regular at the Square Writers’ in Adamsdown for two years; and is inclined to bemoan the absence of such groups, but equally inclined to forget to go when someone starts one.

He is an extremely mild tempered and tolerant man; it is as if nothing could upset him. He is a kind hearted, intellectual type, yet he also has a dry sense of humour, all of which, to some extent, is reflected in his poetry (see right). Beneath the title of each poem is the name of the magazine which the poem has appeared in.



Who's Living in the Hanged Man's House
Smiths Knoll
Meeting My Eagle
Poetry Wales
Poetry Wales
Break in Granite
Two Men
Running the Bulls

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