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House Fix
In here the rain comes through the wall
puddling below the window.
It was fixed last year and the one before
running back two decades to when I bought
the place. Before that I have no information
but it certainly still leaked. Fifties rain on
the parquet. Sixties downpours breaching  the
frame. Seventies storms rotting the Wilton.
Began in 1923 could have been
when the tea-break brick layer left black mortar across the
wall ties, uninspected windowed roofed and forgotten
or 41 when a stick of 12-25 Altenbekes fell removing the walls
of the Newport Road semis  to the south
shrapnel blasted an eight-foot hole in my Southminster
slates. Botched fix breached the cavity above the
lintel, rebolted rafters and double-trussed beam,
new gutter and chimney kept the home fire burning.
Whatís a wet patch in the midst of death.
I stand here with a silicone dispenser and vinyl gloves
can of damp dispersant potching the annual fix.
Iíll do it till I move on then someone else can discover
rain pooling mid-November when the windís direction
changes and have to work out why and what to do?
Builders, bombs, and, on reflection, forget it.
But owners somehow can never do that.