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This Migraine Is Something
Some of these shapes  
have been there for a long time
what do they do?
You have no idea.
You see them in the dark on the walk home
feel them running their spectral hands
like 4 am worries even though youíve
said sod doesnít matter bloody does.
Today the ocular migraine arrives with its pools
of visual doubt and sprays of flickering
neon staggering across the eye
like a drunk     like a drunk would have
when you drank.
Thereís peace out there rumour tells you.
Co-codamol, temazepam, pentobarbital, morphine,
yellow jackets, Indiana ditchweed, king kong,
the sky, the sea, the air with its filigree massaging,
Shiva, Vishnu, Devi, Surya, Ganesha,
the Lord, the Prophet, Buddha breath. 
Youíve got the answer Jesus you tell me
on the sign at the end of my road.
Your houses, God of gods,  they surround me.
Whatís missing from this ch  ch?   
ur        text message simple
Whatís next? Still donít know.