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Thanks V Much
With acknowledgements to Nick Fiskís Oxslam Facebook Posting of October, 2010
I thought the choice of venue was good ANYWAY
You all decided you wanted chairs in the middle
it was great to see you
taking things into your own hands and re-arranging
The other problem was the manager 
we couldn't get the projector until the manager  
in the end, we had to take things into our own  
re-arranging the manager and moving the chairs
I probably tried to take things on too much myself
Poetry has this quality: duty, virtue,
confidence, disjuncture, horizontal line, anxiety
with a vertical drop, subject shifts, sensuality,
abstraction, invention, irritation, insinuation,
left field, licentious, out of frame.
Itís been bad but
It is better this year.
And once it got going, it got going, and things did still not go so well!
Iíd done it unscripted, with just a few ideas in my head
the assistant manager being very difficult 
you all decided you wanted the chairs  more chairs  
so many people handling the chairs
Well, I'm not really sure sure how I cocked it once it got going
It was a nightmare the other problem was the manager sitting on
the seating arrangements  I was trying to be slick
but didn't anticipate so many noisy students downstairs
and even then we had problems with the laptop
chairs ideas lateness manager scoreboard
ANYWAY ANYWAY - all the POETS were great
Thank god for that