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We Ewsed t be Ooverville
Em'tiness. Them factree sheds.
The las shift leaves,
ev'ry machine stops.
We ewsed t be Ooverville,
ower washin-machines
sent all over
like rails an cannons
from them ol ironworks.
We could even afford t joke
bout Sinclair an is C5,
puttin it up in-a window
as a crazee failure.
Now, we drive away
f'r the las time
with nowhere t go :
the toy factree's gone
an we ardly make nothin.
It's all retail an ousin
in this once great town :
but oo cun spend
an nobuddy's buildin.
All them yers, all them skills
I learned re wasted,
like my son with is degree,
signin on. Em'tiness :
the rot an rats move in
an on'y the diggers of Ffos y Fran
never ceasin like the lines
we left be'ind : the memrees
o fren's stay welded,
as joints break an the roof's collapsin.
Notes -   The Hoover factory has recently been shut in Merthyr Tydfil; for years the town’s main employer.
Sinclair C5 – an early electric car, built at Hoover.
Ffos y Fran – a large opencast coal site above Merthyr.