Gary Allen

Shortly after the publication of Jonathan Brookes' book, The Dresden Cantata, I asked Jonathan if he could give me a list of people who had once contributed to his magazine, The Yellow Crane, so that I could contact them to let them know about John's book.

I heard back from a few of these people, some wanting to buy a book, and some sending poems for my magazine, Square. One of these people was Gary Allen who, as it happens, had been at the top of the list John gave me.

I have to say, I was very impressed by Gary's poems. I included two of them in the latest issue of Square (aka Cool). I also then asked him if he'd like to be the next Guest Poet, and he kindly agreed, and sent the poems you see to your right. He also sent the following info about himself -

He was born in Ballymena, Co.Antrim. After travelling and working in mainland Europe for many years, he settled for some time in Holland before returning home.

He has published four pamphlets of poetry, also five full-length collections:

'Languages' Flambard/Black Mountain, 2002

'Exile' Black Mountain, 2004

'North of Nowhere' Lagan Press, 2006

'Iscariot's Dream' Agenda Editions, 2008

'The Bone House' Lagan Press, 2008

He has also published a novel, 'Cillin' Black Mountain, 2005, and a collection of short stories, 'Introductions' Lagan Press, 2007.

If only I'd known about Gary earlier, I could've included him in the "Belfast" issue of Square (issue 2).





Alone in a dream
Cooking apples
A pound of flesh
White lines
The trap
Without wings


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