Dave Lewis

This handsome, cool-lookin' dude is pure poetry's "Mr April".

I have had frequent contact with Dave since he first let me know about the Welsh Poetry Competition he runs from his Pontypridd base. I don't tend to enter too many competitions, but decided to try my luck with this one, cos I quite fancied the honour of winning something called The Welsh Poetry Competition. Suffice to say, my luck, like a minister who has just discovered her husband has been claiming "additional features" using her expense account, wasn't in.

Dave tells me that he has always lived in Wales, except for a short spell in Kenya during 1993-94. He has had a varied existence to date, and worked as a builder's labourer, plastic engineer, financial advisor, zoologist, photographer, doorman, actor, schoolteacher, software engineer, BBC website producer, librarian, cyber cafe manager and local newspaper columnist.

Currently, he busies himself with writing "the odd column" (I'm sure it's not that odd, Dave, heh!) for the Pontypridd Observer, runs numerous websites, takes photographs of "things he thinks he's seen" (is that a philosophical point you can expand  upon  Dave?),  and  has just  published  his   first  poetry  collection, "Layer Cake".

Dave's book is available to buy for just 4.99 from here.








A selection of Dave's poetry

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