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Now and Then
Golden leaves in the bluebell field
So much more when you were young.
The horses and the running shoes,
A spaceship full of picnics.
Now you're in a land of fast cars
Grey replaces green and no one seems to care,
But now she's fully “Independent”,
Makes me tea and toast and happy.
Naked information, a mirror of our senses,
Standing up while others lie,
Feeling good and free of shame,
Your body smooth for me to touch.
Africa, or long queues on a Monday?
And washing day comes around so fast,
Strugglin' for our daily bread and gaoled for our last trespass,
Seems the love song never really gets to print.
But if we go on believing,
Seeing good instead of bad,
I guess we'll one day look back and see,
That this has all been worthwhile.