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With a Yes and a No
She can take you out
With her hand and a look
And a smile and a word
A few words, a few words,
Just a few more words,
And if you really want, if you really want,
You can take her up with a yes and a no,
With a yes and a no,
And with a yes and a no
She can do anything,
Anywhere, somehow,
With those fingers that grip,
All around, all around,
They’re holding you tight,
Until the feeling's gone,
Holding your mind
And all your thoughts and deeds,
With a yes and a no.
And you can take her beyond
The lips and the touch
Of her mouth so warm,
With her feelings inside,
You can take her out,
With a brush of your tongue,
And the words come too,
And the hand holds tight,
Like a drowning man,
You struggle and fight,
To let her out,
With a yes or a no,
With a yes and a no,
With a yes and a no.