Guest Poet 7

Clare Saponia

Clare first made me aware of her poetry by submitting to Square some months ago now, after having spotted the mag at the poetry library in London. I was dead impressed by this when I found out - that someone might be reading Square in a library in London. I have to say I was also dead impressed by Clare's poetry - a good range of subjects, with a lot of variety and many subtleties, and I'm sure you're going to enjoying reading the selection she has kindly agreed to be put up on the site. Here is a little more about Clare's background:

Since returning to London last Autumn, Clare has been published in several small press magazines in the UK and Europe: The Recusant, The Sentinel Literary Quarterly, Square (ahem), Inclement and Platform magazines, and will shortly appear in Red Poets, Pennine Ink and Neon Highway. She has written extensively for many years and is currently (or rather finally!) in the process of submitting her poetry collections and novels to publishers.

Clare has lived predominantly abroad since 1998, including the most recent four year stint in an artistsí commune in Berlin, where she was involved in various writing, art and dance projects. Now back in the UK, she is working towards promoting her work in the English-speaking world. She has participated in open microphone sessions at the Poetry Society on a regular basis as well as performing at Borders, Apples and Snakes, UTTER!, The Whitechapel Gallery and for Lit Media Reviews online radio.







A selection of Clare's poetry

some call it hope
Aimless meets Fungus
When sense and humour part
I thought you lived in a castle
before they wake
From the inside
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