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Hey Finchman!
Rock’n’roll comic book speech bubble
BOOM the flea bitten bloody anglo-Welsh sheep
Polish epic solidarity walkout
The duck’s first proverbs
Blat and blue, cut up concrete
avant garde is dead found poem
Gertrude Stein not getting the condom
on again and again and again and again
Oh Estelle blooming like a galleon
ripped up D.I.Y. Mills and Boone
big band dancing, cartwheeling in corridors
selected red dot, red head in an air bed
How to write How to books, word squiggly,
frisbied out to the homosexual sea.
The exploding ashtray asthma smokerthon
skull sheen beaming the super hero expensive nosh
rolling blind lemon Pedr ‘Megaphone’ French
whirling a sonically challenged vacuum cleaner hose
Molten yellow plastic ashbin flaming the leg of Finchman
The urination of Tripp pissed over bog doors
the unbelievably boxed bob cobbing
Teaching his dad to breathe the post-modernist way
the gluten free anorexic chomping fluffy white Park bread
Real Cardiff about the Cardiff that’s not there now
The Prince of Wales snicker snack non knighthood
failing uphill successfully, failing to be unoriginal
lunchbox linguistically welded to his underpants!
Hey Finchman the nihilists can’t get enough of you!