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 Ode to Bomb Jack      

It was out around '85 on the Spectrum
So you could call it kinda Old School.
The sprites didn't have any colour, cos that was the style in them days to avoid what was known as colour clash.
Of course, clever chaps learned ways of getting around this problem, like in class games like Popeye and Light Force.
The thing about Bomb Jack in the arcades was that it was sort of chunky.
This came over more on the Amstrad version, but the Spectrum version was actually more slick.
Of course, the greatest thing about Bomb Jack was the gobble factor - the way you got a better bonus the better you were at gobbling.
The way you could gobble the nasties after getting a swirly thing (good sound effects for this bit of the game too).
And then there were those birds that got infuriated like fuck
The longer you stayed on the level.
Yeah, it was a class game Bomb Jack.
Not surprisingly, it was Neil and Robnob's favourite game, although they of course had to take it to different dimensions by playing it caned out of their brains and with Led Zeppelin blasting out in the background).