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The Colour Explosion   

All the colours blew up one night.
We had to sit in darkness.
We talked about our favourite colours.
We talked about red.
We discussed yellow
To fight off the blues.
It was some explosion -
The whole lot obliterated in a flash.
We played with make-believe light sabres
To stave off boredom.
But there was no light.
Light switches would not snap on.
Lighters would not spark up.
We could only dream of colour.
One guy inevitably fell asleep.
It was late after all.
Would colour come back into existence in the morning we wondered?
Well, we stayed up all night to see, gazing where we thought the moon might be.
But in the morning, no sun rose, bringing no colour.
Then it started to rain outside.
Someone flicked on a television;
We couldn't see any picture,
We could only hear the bloke on GMTV making the solemn announcement,
"We have a temporary loss of colour. We hope the situation will be rectified shortly."
Then we saw a rainbow forming.
Usually a relatively ordinary sight, now it seemed a miracle.
And slowly, colours started re-appearing.
We saw someone walk past in a multi-coloured jacket, grinning broadly.
We had survived a night without colour
And now we could gaze at the sun appreciatively.